The Tamnavulin story

Our story began in 1966 with the opening of the distillery in the rural village of Tomnavoulin, Scotland. Although the doors were closed in 1995, we reopened them in 2007 after a major distillery refurbishment. Since then, we’ve crafted exceptional single malt whisky with a true Speyside character; rich, smooth and mellow.

Distilled, matured and bottled in Scotland

The mill

The name Tamnavulin is the Gaelic translation of ‘mill on the hill’, named in part after the historic former carding mill which sits on the site of the distillery. Local farmers would bring their sheep fleeces here in the summer months to be made into wool.

Where we are

In the foothills of the Cairngorm mountain range is Tomnavoulin, the village home to around 40 residents and Tamnavulin Distillery. The distillery is located deep in the heart of Speyside, the most celebrated whisky-producing region in Scotland. Home to over half of Scotland’s operating malt whisky distilleries, Speyside is the perfect location to produce whisky. The unique microclimate of the region makes it a very temperate area of Scotland. This, combined with the abundance of rich farmland, makes it an ideal place to grow barley and mature whisky.

Tamnavulin Distillery is located deep in the heart of Speyside, the most celebrated whisky producing region in Scotland

Meet the team

Led by Distillery Manager Gareth Morgan, the 12-strong distillery team are skilled in all areas of whisky making. From milling through to maturation, the time-served craftsmen and women of Tamnavulin Distillery have a passion for whisky and take genuine pride in their skills and the spirits they make.